Blue Storm Athletics

If you are looking for a well-established competitive cheerleading program with an affordable financial commitment, Blue Storm Athletics is the program for you. We have qualified USASF coaches with over a combined 40 years of experience. Our staff, in tandem with 2-time USASF Coach of the Year and The Cheerleading Worlds Champion, Chris Treherne, create exciting and captivating routines that maximize our athlete’s abilities and entertain judges and audiences. Our coaching staff understands the logistics of a successful cheerleading routine, and can pass that knowledge onto the athletes to execute a well-designed, clean routine.

We also have an Athletic Trainer and Exercise Physiologist on staff to maximize our ability to formulate a program that pushes our athletes to be at the top of their game, while keeping safety a priority. As well as being USASF certified through level 5, they also attended CardiacWise, ConcussionWise, HeatWise to renew their certification.

Blue Storm Athletics offers competitive cheerleading for those who wish to compete locally, or nationally. Our All-Star Elite teams are well-known in the area, and have achieved much success at the national level. Over the past 19 seasons, our teams have won many national championships in Florida, Indiana, Kentuckey, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Tennessee. Since 2014, we have had teams receive a bid to compete in The Summit, a definitive all levels national championship and more recently bids to the D2 Small Program Summit in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. In 2019, our Senior Coed Level 4, Black Ice, won first place at the D2 Sumimit! We are the first gym in the area to reach this achievement! The exposure and talent Blue Storm Athletics has provided to our athletes have led some to earn cheerleading scholarships to compete at the collegiate level. 

Our All-Star Prep teams are equally talented and successful, and are pushed to the same extent as our All-Star Elite teams, with Mini Mist receiving Prep Grand Champion at their competitions!  Our All-Star Prep teams will compete at fewer cheerleading competitions that are in close proximity to our facility. We also have a special needs cheerleading team that competes locally.

During the 2018-2019 season, our teams won 33 first place finishes, 4 second place finishes, and 2 third place finishes. Additionally, we have earned quite a few specialty awards between our Elite and Prep teams. 
  • 2019 D2 Summit Champion- Black Ice, Senior Coed 4  
  • 1 Paid Bid to compete at the 2019 D2 Summit
  • 3 At-Large Bids to compete at the 2019 D2 Summit
  • 2 Paid Bids to compete at The US Finals 
  • The American Championships D2 Gym Sportsmanship Award
  • 3 Prep Grand Champion Awards
  • Athletic Championships Level 3 Grand Champion
  • Athletic Championships Level 4 Grand Champion 

The coaching staff at Blue Storm Athletics strive to do whats best for the athletes, with the goal of teaching life lessons inside cheerleading that can also be implemented into their daily life.


Exhibition Teams
We offer exhibition teams for children 3-6 years old, as well as a special needs team for any age. These teams begin practice in the fall, and attend three competitions during the season. 

Half Year Novice Team
Our half year novice team is for anyone ages 6-11. This team practices from October to April, and attends three local competitions. 

All-Star Prep Teams

We have All-Star Prep teams for athletes between the ages of 5-14 years who want to compete semi-locally. These teams will practice from June to April, and attend four semi-local competitions within a two-hour radius. 
  • Mini Division: 5-8 years 
  • Youth Division: 5-11 years 

All-Star Elite Teams  

We have All-Star Elite teams for athletes between the ages of 6-18 years. These teams practice from June to April, and attend eight competitions in Ohio and also out of state. 

Congratulations to C3, Sub 0, Lady Vortex, and Black Ice for their performances at the 2019 D2 Summit in Walt Disney World! 
  • Youth Division:  5-11 years 
  • Junior Division:  5-14 years 
  • Senior Divsion: 10-18 years 
For more information, please contact our program director, Cheslea at