School Age Gymnastics (Ages 6 and Up)

This is the very first stop in our school age program and we could't be more excited about training your young gymnast! We not only teach great gymnastics, but we teach it with some style! Some weeks are themed, some begin and end with activities, and some are just plain old fantastically, flipping gymnastics! All skills are learned through progressions with equipment and hands on spotting incorporated into the lesson plan. Help start your athlete on their way to gymnastics fun with some style!

Our school age program here at Perfect Balance is about everything we have listed in our Super Starts-it just takes it to the next level in training. Athletes will work on various disciplines every week-some will be a themed week-others may have a stunt of the month, but mostly it is about having a fabulous experience in the gym learning gymnastics.

Online Payments Now Accepted

We listened to your feedback and are so happy to (finally) announce online payment options! Now with any new system upgrade there might be a hiccup here and there, so please continue to be patient with us as we work through this. Be sure to follow the instructions and steps as you go, and of course reach out with any questions. Thank you so much!

Spring Session 4

March 1 - April 25

$130.00/ 8-week Session