Preschool Gymnastics

Does your home qualify as a mini gym? Meaning does your pre-schooler turn your couch into a trampoline? Your cushions into mats? Your swing set into bars? The curb into a beam? Well, you probably need to find a safe way for your athlete to channel their inner and (outer) flipping. Thats where we come in! Our pre-school program will help your youngster channel their flops into flips. Help start your pre-school age athlete on the way to a fun and safe gymnastics experience.

Perfect Balance Athletics can provide your preschooler with exposure to so many different skills. More than just tumbling on mats, preschool gymnastics provides age-appropriate activities that create opportunity for:

  • Developing gross motor skills
  • Increasing coordination and flexibility
  • Learning safety skills
  • Building self-esteem / confidence
  • Participating in groups and working individually

Spring Session 4 

March 3 - April 27

Registration: $50.00 per student/ $55.00 per family

$115.00/8 weeks

(Friday Classes: $105.00)
45-minute class